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Were You Prepared for Quarantine Ballet Class?

You might have been prepared for quarantine ballet class if:

1. You grew up dancing on a wood floor.

2. You took private lessons in someone’s garage.

3. You used a rolling chair or doorframes to practice pas de deux work at home.

4. You used chairs, couches, etc. to stretch your oversplits.

5. You performed after doing a warm up class holding the back of a chair (additional preparedness points if it was on carpet).

6. You performed without a warm up class.

7. You used a cd or mp3 player for classes.

8. The music has stopped in the middle of a piece, forcing you and fellow dancers to either continue in silence, or restart from the beginning.

9. You had to lay marley on top of carpet, tile, wood, concrete, linoleum… pretty much any surface.

10. You did barre in a corner of the room without the mirror so you didn’t have to see yourself.

11. You have been in a room so crowded you had to angle yourself to do battement jete at the barre.

12. The teacher didn’t look at you in class.

13. You left class before jumps.

14. Your class outfit could have been pajamas.

15. You stayed up late watching ballet videos because you just wanted to imagine you were onstage dancing your dream role.

Happy International Dance Day! Although we’re all adjusting to the current situation at home, I hope everyone continues to stay positive, work hard, laugh, and find inspiration. Also, these are real things that happened in my life- not joking at all. At least they prepared me for quarantine ballet- let me know how prepared you were in the comments!

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